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Mr. Miraanda Joseph

Blends the study of psychology & astrology to give scientific solutions to your queries.
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Astro-Psychology- Case Study

Effective Counselling for Upkeep of Health.


The following illustrations of sustained case study reveals that any native can regulate and rectify their health problem through effective counseling by the approach of Astro-psychology.


This male of forty one years old always need medication for his perennial problem with regards to his stomach and intestine. According to his natal birth horoscope, he belongs to Simmah lagna and Kumbh Rasi, Danishta star. Ruler Sun along with Mercury and Venus occupies at the lagna itself and Moon at the seventh house. His health-lord Mars posited at the sixth indisposed house aspecting towards Kethu at twelfth indisposed house. His seventh Lord Saturn also aspects towards Kethu.


When the native was well explained about the functioning style of his own horoscope, sequence by sequence that there are two types of unpleasant occurrences happening in his mind and it was his personality trait due to planetary impacts that he has been committing this mistakes unconsciously – one leading to short tempered nature gets flare up towards anybody  for little reason. The second is that he was practicing unproductive philosophy to hate the entire society even for one person committing mistake, to get away from the crowd and to choose solitude for a while.


He is a well qualified professional in finance, banking and audit faculty and also he was perfectly alright with his hidden talent and innate flair. He was a devoted person and with serious dedication towards his duty. Mercury-Venus conjunction, Mercury-Moon aspect and Moon and Venus aspects all will help him to be a sociable, amenable, adjustable, flexible and enjoyable subject to live in this materialistic world keeping him relaxed and to entertain others. Similarly, Jupiter-Saturn aspect can also make him as an originator of adventurous methods for his performance and to achieve appreciation and recognition from the Cosmopolitan society. Further, he is also entitled to work with the Multinational corporate sector and earn hard currency abroad. Besides all these blessings, his challenges induce him to be so strict and restricting him to have more faith in his policies, principles and target orientations. Because of this intricate reason like unknown variable factor acting in his mind causes havoc in his health.


Basically analysis through Astro-psychology reveals about his metabolic problems such as :


  1. Less secretions in liver – less contribution for digestion.

2.      Intestine has to exert more repeatedly for digestion, leads to Hyperacidity.

3.      His mind has been taxed all the time with anxiety, tension, imbalances and thus leading to artificial stress.

4.      His planetary conjunctions at the lagna and aspected by the Moon may also lead to excessive of crashing of amoeba.

5.      Since his dedication towards his work is more than average, he has the habit of avoiding food in time and also consumption of drinking water very very  less.


Because of all the above reasons, he has obviously rapid empty – hyperacidity -  amoebic dysentery – liver problem – liver oriented fever – symptom of Hepatitis and jaundice and radiated pain in the abdomen etc. The Statistics reveal that the disease pattern has been developed from the time he starts working can be in ratio proportion that due to genetic 10% - metabolic causes 30% - behavioural disorder takes the major role of 60%.


That is why, apart from medications, these type of persons needs effective counseling for understanding their own problem due to the planetary impacts. Once they understand then they can be guided by streamlining themselves, their exposure, attitude, complexes, habits can be also regulated to prevent from these unpleasant health problems.


About Mr. Miraanda Joseph

Prof. Miraanda Joseph, hailing from TamilNadu, India, aged 71 Years, basically an Engineer Consultant, has worked in the electronic field and projects for several years. At a particular age he was inclined to go for innovative research to prove the science of astrology must be of guidance for the mankind. As long as, attributed as a science, the method of analysis and approach cannot be static with old thoughts and that has to be amended and streamlined according to the environment, living style, motivation and changing world.

Prof. Miraanda with his long acquaintance for a period of twenty-two years in Dubai (U.A.E.) has contributed articles on Astro-Psychology in leading news magazines (Khaleej Weekend & Gulf News Weekly). He also initiated for a seminar on two days in Dubai, during Iraq-Kuwait war period in early 1991. With the help of eminent Doctor friends and Psychologists, that session went on very well with the caption "How to Cope with Emotional Crisis". And also he ascertained through the Gulf Weekly tabloid under the heading "prediction for peace", saying "people in this region need not become panicky at all - there will be a cease-fire shortly" (dated 9/1/1991). He had vast clientele all over the continent and they have been benefited by his continued valuable guidance.

With his innate flair and sustained case studies experience, he was able to establish the new concept of "Astro-Psychology". The definition of this terminology will be that the astrological interpretation must be coinciding with the psychological trend of that particular native. So predictions along with counseling are essential as guidelines. It is a must to segregate by different specialized areas of every horoscope to find out the solutions. Apart from astrology and planetary chart, he has also specialized through case studies correlated with the birthdate, month and year of the individual to predict, guide and encourage the natives, which certainly coincide with the birth horoscope. This will be an additional satisfaction for the native to compare by numerological factors also.

Finally, he explains by illustrations about the combined factors of astro-numero-reflections of the individual.


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