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Ajay Kukreja
Get answers to problems by Vedic Astrologer Ajay Kukreja
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Ajay Kukreja
Colour Therapist ,Birth Chart Analyst & Vedic Astrologer
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Ranjeet Mehta
Know whats in store for you, consult Ranjeet Mehta.
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Ranjeet Mehta
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Ranjeet Mehta

Know whats in store for you, consult Ranjeet Mehta.
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Vedic Astrology


Colour Therapy
Profile & Work

Dr Ranjeet Mehta, is an internationally renowned Astrologer and Vaastu Expert. He is also a success coach and relationship guide. He has a doctorate in Business studies and a Degree of Doctor of Astrological Sciences (D.ASc.) was conferred on him by IFASSC Colombo Sri Lanka, for his commendable research work in the field of Astro-science. He was conferred with Doctor of Vaastu for his research work in application of Pyramids in Vaastu by Astrological Research Project on the occasion of 28th Annual International Astrological Conference 2005 held in Kolkota, India. Dr. Mehta’s experience, expert knowledge, vision and goodwill will help solve your problems. The knowledge you gain can make a positive change in your life. Whether your issue is career, money, relationship or health, Dr. Mehta has the answer! Dr Mehta has been conferred with a number of awards in India and abroad for his contribution to Astrology and Vaastu. To mention a few –

• International Award in Astrology instituted by IFASSC Sri Lanka in 2002.

• The Gold Medal in Vaastu and Astrology from ICOIAS MGI Moka in Mauritius in the year 2001.

• Most prestigious title of Jyotish Shiromani by IFASSC Sri Lanka in third International Jyotish conference held in BMICH Colombo in 2002.

• Title of JYOTISH VIDYA BHARTI Conferred by Asian Astrologers Congress in the year 2002.

• Title of VAASTU MAHASAGAR conferred in 5th International Astro-Scientific conference in Jammu University, Jammu.

• Recipient of Maharshi Shaunaka Award 2005 in Vaastu Science.

• Recipient of international award of honour in Vaastu Science from Jammu University, Jammu

Depending on a client’s unique needs, he uses astrology, palm reading, vaastu and Numerology to help. He has been successfully operating the Academy of Astro Vaastu Research Training and Vaastu Solutions for over 12 years. With his help, people from all over the world are filling their lives with love, happiness and prosperity. He also conducts group workshops. Besides several T V appearances he is also a prolific Astro-Vaastu writer, his regular features and comments have been published by many leading magazines and newspapers. He has also authored a best seller entitled "Vaastu For Generation Next"

From Ranjeet Mehta
Often when nothing seems to be going the right way, disenchanted by the mortal world, we turn to the cosmic horizons to seek solace. Dr Mehta believes that the design of a house or dwelling has a great impact upon our lives. Problems such as nervousness, depression, misfortune, illness or family problems can be attributed to the design of our home.

We at Academy of Astro-Vaastu Research firmly believe that our surroundings have a strong influence on our well being and keeping this in mind we provide you with the most accurate solutions to your problems with the help of Vaastu Shastra.

Vaastu is an architectural science, applying which at home or workplace can have amazing positive outcomes. Choosing the right kind of colour scheme or placing furniture in a specific manner can help one achieve unimaginable success, personally as well as professionally.

With his prime expertise in Vaastu and in depth knowledge of astrology, Dr. Mehta has helped innumerable people to discover their hidden passions, explore opportunities for riches and get on track for professional success. He provides his clients with personalized insight about life and with the help of Vaastu, assists them in ascertaining true talent and rare opportunity to go beyond routine astrology for resolving the dilemmas in life.


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