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Kamal Kapoor
Well known for providing precise predictions
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Kamal Kapoor
Prem Kumar Sharma
He unravels the realm of astrology in a scientific manner.
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Prem Kumar Sharma
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Ranjeet Mehta
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Ganesan Yogananthem

Specialist in vedic astrology
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Dasha Bhutti

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Kids Fortune
From The Astrologer

B.Sc graduate and having First class Diploma in astrology from Madurai university, this astrologer is based in southern India.He has supreme knowledge about planetary movements and their impact on individual horoscopes. He has been analysing and predicting for many political leaders down south and NRI clients.

He Believes , Astrology by its name means foretelling of future. Whenever one confronts an astrologer all what he is, looking forward to know is whether he would have a great future ahead. There is a mixed opinion about this science some have very firm belief in it while some consider it as an outpouring of market driven nonsense that threatens to bury one's bad omens and make life simpler. So just like any other science, astrology faces the same issue, and the word is perception. It depends whether we consider the glass half full or half empty.

However, looking at the recent growing market of astrology one really wonders how well this science has picked up. The market has turned huge and has attracted a lot of commercial acclaim. Astrology is no more predicting ones future it moves beyond that, it is improving ones future. The field yet remains unexplored. Did we know what was Vastu  Shastra decades ago, it did exist but there was absolutely no awareness, as it had no commercial attraction? Astrology is mainly considered as a fooling business, but there is no standard justification for the same . As there is no universal tests or study made to prove whether astrology predictions are true or false and even if they are, then to what extent. It needs to make some sense and without valid justification cannot easily be considered.  Volumes and volumes have been written on astrology. In fact, now it is simply becoming an educational subject.

Astrology for a nonprofessional started with sun-signs and newspaper columns. It is now that we know there is a wide range of services under this controversial science.

Segments of people generally say they do not believe in astrology because they are not superstitious. Infect astrology and superstitions are like cheese and chalk. Superstition is feeding one's fear factor but astrology is predicting and knowing.

On the other hand, some are ready to believe in astrology and its various facets but they need convenient predictions. Belief is restricted to all the good forecast and to the rest is one's disbelief.

  The case for astrology is that a warm and sympathetic astrologer provides low-cost non-threatening therapy that is otherwise hard to come by. You get emotional comfort, spiritual support, and interesting ideas to stimulate self-examination. In a dehumanized society, astrology provides ego support at a very low price. Where else can you get this sort of thing these days?

In short, there is more to astrology than being true or false. However, note the dilemma - to get the benefits you have to believe in something that is untrue. The same dilemma can apply elsewhere as in psychotherapy and even religion, so it is not unique to astrology. Nevertheless, it presents an ethical problem that astrologers have generally failed to recognize let alone resolve. Therefore, the problem is not with astrology it is with the providers of astrology. Astrology as a science does not need to define its authenticity, however the providers (astrologers) are the ones  who need to be at their deserving best.



Work Profile

Performing special remedial pujas for Kalasarpha dosham and sadhe- sati.

Writting forecast and giving answer to the customer in Tamil magazine known as "First Voice".

Mr. Gopal Krishnamuthy, famous astrologer in USA is his client and regularly  consults  him for lessons on planetary movements and developments.

His clientele also includes political leaders , celebrities and NRI clients from south.

He applies vedic principles in the simplest form to solve problems and improve our horoscopes


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