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Recognising Pisces


Wavy hair, soft silky skin, compelling and beautiful eyes, dimples on their cheeks, personality appealing enough to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Prefer to stay in their own dreamy world and who gets distracted easily is how Piscean would be described as..


Pisceans are very emotional, over sensitive and creative. They are born to serve others. They have their own charm and an extraordinary grace which they carry.

On the face they look extremely lazy and have a passive and a blank look. But they are people with good intuitive knowledge, good observation which they can grasp on easily. They have a good knowledge of human nature which they have acquired from life’s experiences.

They have a great memory, but often absent minded enough to forget their own phone numbers. Pisceans have a habit of drinking lots of tea and coffee. A True Piscean is generally a slow speaker, careful thinker and a good listener.

Fishes could be described as strong, possess immense will power, ready to serve others at their own health and financial cost. This sign being the last of all the 12 sun sign’s, is a blend of all the best qualities taken from other sun signs.


Pisceans are very creative. They are full of quick ideas, pay attention to details and a good observer. They can read a human mind in a split of a second without the others knowing it. Though they are good observers, but they are very balanced in their decisions and actions. Jealousy, pride and egos are far from them. They are sympathetic and helpful. Whenever a person is in need, the best person to approach is a Piscean. The fish will do whatever practical help it can do, without thinking of the person who has approached for help, the person’s background, the greed, the benefits etc..


Pisceans are very sensitive people who live for love. They are extremely romantic. They hate violence and appreciate calm and a jovial atmosphere. They themselves will never initiate a fight. They are born to serve others, they love serving people sometimes at the cost of their own health. Their problem is that they can never say no to anyone.


  • Creative
  • Intuitive
  • Empathetic
  • Compassionate
  • Generous
  • Balanced Personality
  • Strong will power
  • Great observer
  • Free from jealousy, greed, violence etc.


  • Faces problems in handling harsh realities of life
  • Can get confused easily
  • Soft touch fish wallows in anxiety created by thought of all those who suffer.


  • Calm atmosphere
  • Excitement
  • Humor
  • Sea
  • Anything romantic
  • Music, art, theatre
  • Tea or coffee
  • Home and luxury.


  • Monotony
  • Time constraints
  • Telling the truth when it’s going to hurt someone

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